Obrien Performer Pro 68 Combo skis

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Obrien Performer Pro

Comes with X9 Binding for a perfect fit.

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    Obrien Performer Pro 68

    The Obrien Performer Pro 68 Combo skis are Designed for the family. You can cover all the bases with one set skis.

    Obrien Performer Pro are a great pair of combo skis and also function as a slalom ski. These are a proven waterski for teaching beginners. The hybrid shape allows for easy starts and the narrow tail makes the skis perform well once up to speed. Slalom skiing is made easy with the wide tunnel design and steel tail fin. Comfort is gauranteed with the X9 front binding. This one boot will fit almost all of your skiers with a 7-14 size range, and yes it will release your foot in the event of a crash.

    Rated for 100lbs and up

    Foot size 7-14

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    Weight 8 kg
    Dimensions 70 × 10 × 8 cm